They Exist (4’31”, 16:9)
Anne-Marie van Meel

They invented this world and this world.
What they write will happen.
When they write this has to happen, It will happen.
They can write and in this way things will happen.

Kaffepaus (10’, 16:9)
Britt Kootstra

The short film shows a well known and through the centuries evolving ritual, the art of drinking coffee. This ritual shows the difference in social codes that people maintain. Different times have observed different rules regarding etiquette. Out of practice, traditional and newly evolved manners are interspersed in an absurd coffee drinking ritual.

Concept + Director – Britt Kootstra
Camera + Light – Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Actors – Lina Ekblad + Carla Fri
Thanks to – Indium Film Company
Sus Productions Malakta

The Shadow of Silence (2’19”, 4:3)
Daniëlle Davidson

Where does the individual and the masses begin? What is the impact of the masses on the actions and thoughts of the individual? Does an individual, functioning in a given system, still have a choice? An urban environment (the ant heap of the city) is interesting; How is it possible that in the city, where many ‘cells’ are alive, loneliness is experienced? How is the ‘flow’ in the city? In the streams of commuters each day travelling by tram and metro there is a particular system to be found.

Life is Only a Resonance of Science (3’25”, 16:9 portrait)
Daphne Koopman & Leonie Oortgijsen

Immortality is what mortals must achieve if they want to live up to the world that surrounds them. An endless inventory of immortal fragments, salt and nuclear fuel, visualizing a possible echo of our future immortal landscape.

‘De kracht van het Nu’ (2’11”, 4:3)
Dirk Moons

Eckhart Tolle’s self-improvement book ‘De kracht van het Nu’ was a bestseller worldwide. Tolle strikes me as moralizing and he irritates me. But the book does contain some useful thoughts.

Inverted Shadow (installation)
Eelco Wagenaar

‘Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow’s speed’ (Howard Nemerov)

How do we relate to our bodily shadow? Does this shadow still function as our counter-image if it is light instead of dark? Will this shadow keep its physicality if it is projected on a screen? What happens if this shadow image isn’t always as fast as the original?

Sound / Shadow / Sound (installation)
Esther Verhamme

Sound is everywhere. Even in the quietest place one could still hear the rustling sound of the inner-bodily nervous system. In some cultures people believe that shadows represent the world of ghosts. The sound of shadow lies in the past. Sound / Shadow / Sound explores these traces of sounds. By visualizing sounds and giving them a shadow they become present and physical again. Can one imagine the sounds of the past without hearing them?

Unsound (44”, 4:3)
Lucia Kooiman

The base of reality cannot be understood. Inventing a voice, a listener and oneself. Not to be concerned with the creation or identification of truth. This short video combines photographs, video, drawings and deleted text intuitively. It’s about the experience and usurpation of chaotic, subliminal information about nothing, stated in an unclear voice which cannot be heard. An on-going construction of unintelligible fictions that try to escape the manufactured cultural forms manifesting the function of narrating our biographies.

Invision of I (6’, 16:9)
Luciano Pinna

‘Invision of I’ is a research into the inner workings behind a directed performance. An attendant monitors a closed exhibition space in which she herself is the main subject. Through an abstracted window, her isolated movements are being followed, questioning their reality and significance.

Direction + Production – Luciano Pinna
Performers – Martje Brandsma, Ammon Faithfull, Guido Vijverberg
Camera – Hans de Vries
Production Assistant – Rik Spann
Thanks to – Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek & Teresa van Twuijver

Bomenzee (29”, 4:3)
Schoolplein (47”, 4:3)
Stier (3’24”, 4:3)
Struikgewas (35”, 4:3)p
Zandmannetjes (2’04”, 4:3)

Paul Roncken

Untitled (50”, 4:3)
Untitled (54”, 4:3)
Untitled (2”, 4:3)
PJ Bruyniks

An open space harbours silence and calmness. A scooter is often associated with noise and annoyance. What happens when one takes out the essential elements of each? Perhaps the open space embraces the scooter and the scooter loses its sound.

51-60 (8’56”, 16:9)
Robbert Weide

The shape of a funnel is the transition between 1D and 2D. Moving on the periphery is 3D.

The Geometry of Space Gets Transformed by Multiple Projections (various durations, 16:9, 4:3)
Sara Palomeque Monje

Experience is not arrayed before me as if I were God, it is lived by me from a certain point of view; I am not the spectator, I am involved, and it is my involvement in a point of view which makes possible both the finiteness of my perception and its opening out upon the complete world as a horizon of every perception. (Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception, 1962. Translation by Colin Smith)

Voice Beat II (triptych, 1’05”, 2’11”, 13”, 16:9)
Teresa van Twuijver & Marijn Korff de Gidts

The End

Old is the time and many birds are snowing In the emptiness in the distance One becomes tired and the voices Are stiff as nails on even the purest of lips

Rough and low roams the rain Where have the days of light gone Where to are the clouds now Everything is mute and of stone

Alone is his weirdness counting the elements Bending trembling like a lashing Giving the last sound: the song Has the life eternal


Whispers (3 video’s, 2’, 4:3)
Tzvetana Tchakarova

In film sound usually plays a supportive role. Sound is added to images to create suspense, to accentuate emotions or to give meaning. In this piece sound is the point of departure. ‘Whispers’ investigates the stories of three people and their experience of listening.

Mazu, The Silent Girl (5’41”, 4;3)
Zondag (3’15”, 4:3)

Wim Jongedijk

Mazu is the name of the goddess of the sea who protects sailors and fisherman. She originally occurs in several Asian - mainly Chinese - legends of Lin Moniang (960 AD). Her name means ‘silent girl’ for she didn’t cry at birth. About this woman it is said she became a divinity when saving (while in trance meditation) her father and brother during a typhoon at the age of 28.

Wim Jongedijk (concept, film) Catharina Bruijning (concept, actress)

  The Sound of Shadow – Symikony (38’15”)
Composed by Teresa van Twuijver
Curated by Teresa van Twuijver & Eelco Wagenaar
Installation Design by Sara Palomeque Monje

Movement 1 - Andante 12’45”
Movement 2 - Adagio 12’
Movement 3 - Andantino 13’30”

The symikony (a freshly coined word consisting of the Greek words ‘Sum’ meaning harmony and Ikona’ meaning image) is carefully composed and revolves around three movements in time in which rhythm, frame, camera choreography and collision play manifest roles. The Sound of Shadow has a slow first part, a more up-beat middle and a pacing third part. In the first movement emphasis is given to space, conflict and collage; the second shows all the works simultaneously, the third focuses on tonality and plays with repetition, blanks and pauses.